Mosquitoes can make life miserable. Presence of mosquitoes in any areas brings in constant annoyance and irritation caused by their bites. They transmit serious diseases. Mosquitoes can be found al-through the year and causes significant nuisance and public health threat.

Mosquito’s treatment:-

Mosquito’s treatment requires a proper integrated pest management by treating inside the premises as well as outside the chemical measures is normally suggested to control adult mosquitoes.

Breeding places of mosquitoes also can be treated with suitable insecticides to control larvae.


  • 60 day service guarantee: Free second revisit if infestation persists
  • Trained & knowledgeable technicians


  • Spraying to be done on walls, curtains & corners
  • Treatment will last till the residual spray is not wiped off
  • Mosquitoes will get killed on coming in contact with the spray

Best Practices

  • Do not touch sprayed surfaces until dry
  • Remove water logged areas which promote breeding of mosquito larvae

Treatment Techniques

  • Only Govt. approved safe & odorless chemicals by Bayer to used (in recommended dosage only)